By Discover Kalispell on July 13, 2022

Treat It Like Grandma's House - Your Guide to Recreating Responsibly in Montana

Summer is in full swing in Kalispell and northwest Montana, which means that visitors and locals alike are soaking up long daylight hours, hitting the trails, taking a dip in lakes and rivers and enjoying all our area has to offer. And while we’re all for packing as much fun as possible into every waking moment, there tends to be folks who don’t always treat this place like they should.

We’re just gonna give it to you straight: Kalispell and northwest Montana are two of the most special places you’re going to find anywhere. To keep them this way, we need you to recreate responsibly. But to take it one step farther, we need you to treat Montana grandma’s house. If you don’t know what we mean by that, we simply mean that you need to be kind, mind your manners, pick up after yourself, follow the rules, be patient and leave things better than you found them. Grandma and Montana don’t like a messy house.

While you’re here – whether for a day trip, a weekend adventure or a weeklong vacation – we’re asking you to do your part. Take the time to learn what it means to be a steward of the outdoors and how you can be an active participant in keeping this place as epic as possible.

The big thing in Kalispell is to come as you are, but have respect. The folks who call Montana home are naturally nice and chances are they’re going to accept you exactly as you are. But in turn, you’re gonna have to become one with Montana. Say please and thank you, pull over if cars are behind you, tip your servers and guides, shop local and be an active participant in recreating responsibly.

Ready to make Grandma proud? Dig into more ways you can recreate responsibly here.

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