As Flooding Impacts Portions of Montana, Here’s What You Need to Know

June 17, 2022
With recent flooding and road damages impacting portions of Yellowstone National Park, we know that your summer vacation plans may be impacted. But in great travel news, the southern loop in the park is OPEN, with access available through the West Entrance (West Yellowstone, Montana), the South Entrance (Grand Teton/Jackson, Wyoming) and the East Entrance […]

How to Have the Best Summer Vacation Ever – Travel Tips for Montana

May 12, 2022
Summer is one of the most-loved times of year in Montana. And with long daylight hours, plenty of wide-open spaces and charming towns like our very own Kalispell, it’s easy to see why folks are drawn to our corner of Montana during the warm season.  If you’re planning on visiting Montana this summer, we want […]

Visiting Glacier National Park in 2022? Here’s What You Need to Know

Apr. 08, 2022
Located in the northwest corner of Montana, Glacier National Park is one of the state’s must-visit destinations. Encompassing 1 million acres, the park is open year-round and is an incredible place to visit, no matter the season. (Learn more about winter in Glacier National Park.)   Here in Kalispell, we’re a scenic 32 miles from the […]

Meet the Women of Kalispell and Northwest Montana

Mar. 18, 2022
In Honor of Women’s History Month, Meet the Women of Kalispell and Northwest Montana Every March across the United States, we celebrate Women’s History Month, a time to commemorate and encourage “the study, observance and celebration of the vital role of women in American history.” As you can imagine, Montana has been home to incredible […]

Recreate Responsibly: Winter Edition

Dec. 22, 2021
In Kalispell, we believe in the power of travel. It has a way of opening our eyes through new places, news experiences and new people in beautiful ways. Travel has the ability to expand our horizons through learning about local cultures, traditions and priorities. Here in Kalispell, our priorities include recreating responsibly and sustainable tourism. […]

First-timer’s Guide to Winter in Montana

Oct. 12, 2021
There are few places as magical as Montana during the winter, and Kalispell is no exception. The hub of the Flathead Valley in northwest Montana, Kalispell welcomes winter and its 300+ inches of snow to the surrounding mountains, while a feeling of friendliness and adventure radiate through our unfiltered mountain town.  If it’s your first […]

6 Things to Do to Make the Most of Fall in Kalispell, Montana

Sep. 09, 2021
In Montana, summer gets loads of attention and Kalispell is no exception. And we get it — summer is pretty incredible in Big Sky Country: gorgeous weather, long daylight hours, Flathead cherries and huckleberries are found in abundance and our lakes are warm enough to take a swim. Believe us when we tell you we […]

The Latest on Wildland Fires and Air Quality for Kalispell, Montana

July 26, 2021
Northwest Montana experienced hot weather this summer, which increased the risk of wildland fires. In addition, there are several fires burning throughout the West, all of which are contributing to air quality. Keep in mind that most of the smoke in Montana is not from local fires, as smoke blows in from hundreds of miles […]

Don’t Have a Vehicle Reservation for Glacier National Park?

May 19, 2021
*Updated April 8, 2022*  We know there’s been a lot of feelings around the vehicle reservation system (formerly known as the ticketed entry system) for Glacier National Park. (In case you missed it, the National Park Service launched a pilot program for vehicle reservations in 2021 and will continue it for 2022.) From May 27-September […]

Glacier National Park’s Vehicle Reservation System: Your 10 Most-Asked Questions

Apr. 07, 2021
*Updated April 8, 2022*  In 2021, Glacier National Park unveiled a ticketed entry systeym for the 2021 season. For 2022, the program is continuing, with visitors to busy areas of the park (including the North Fork and the Going-to-the-Sun Road) needing a vehicle reservation. And, as you can imagine, we’ve had a flurry of questions […]

4 Tips for Your Vacation to Montana

Mar. 19, 2021
Spring weather has arrived in Montana and while we’re not sure how long it’s going to stick around, it has us looking forward to warmer days and daydreaming about sun-filled adventures. While you are planning your summer vacation (or heck, even your spring break or fall getaway), we wanted to share some tips for your […]

5 Ways to Cozy Up This Winter

Feb. 25, 2021
While we’ve been enjoying winter here in Kalispell, our mountains have been hit with solid snowfall and fresh powder, making it easy to get outside and adventure. No matter if you’re looking for a heart-pumping adventure or a quiet escape, here are five ways to soak up winter in our mountain town. Hot cocoa + […]
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