While Montana isn’t typically high on the list for chasing fall colors, our region may surprise you. The mountains and valleys welcome an array of autumn foliage, with a particular emphasis on golds, yellows and oranges. From the glacial-carved terrain of Glacier National Park to the tree-lined avenues near downtown Kalispell, there are abundant places to soak up the changing colors of autumn.

Tamarack trees, also known as western larch, add a unique golden touch, and are exclusive to the north west spanning from the Cascades in Washington to the Rocky Mountains in Montana and north to British Columbia. Each fall, the needles turn yellow before dropping, showcasing their beauty. Notably, Western Larch, the largest of the larch genus, can grow up to 150 feet tall and live over 700 years. The world’s largest recorded larch tree, nicknamed “Gus”, stands tall near Seeley Lake, south of Kalispell.

Beyond the trees, autumn offers warm days, cool nights, and fewer visitors. Recommended activities for soaking in the array of fall colors include floating the Middle Fork of the Flathead River, biking the Great Northern Rail Trail, hiking the trails on Blacktail Mountain, trekking with llamas in the Swan Mountains, and exploring the Hungry Horse Reservoir area, renowned for its tamarack forests. Experience the magic of autumn in Montana, where gold hues paint the landscape and adventure awaits.