It can be hard to get away and truly unplug, especially if your career path involves travel. Here in Kalispell, we host a variety of meetings, conferences and events and have the pleasure of welcoming attendees from near and far to experience our mountain town and soak up our corner of Montana. For some people, Kalispell is easy to get to while for others, it can take a little bit of effort. Around here, we’re big proponents of making the most of your time by extending your work trip into a vacation through a pre- or post-business trip.

Here are reasons and ideas for extending your stay:

  • Value. If your attendance at an event in Kalispell is budgeted as part of your work travel, it’s easy to extend your dates and include a few days playing in Montana. Instead of booking two separate trips, adjust your flight arrival or departure time to allot for more time on the ground here in Montana.
  • Use your vacation time. Each year more than half of American workers leave vacation time on the table and it goes unused. So much so that National Plan for Vacation Day is held every January to encourage Americans to find joy in planning and taking a vacation. And while we get that it can be hard to take time away, having a healthy work-life balance is important. Plus, it’s easier to add extra time to an existing travel commitment, as you will cut travel time and costs in half.  
  • It’ll make you happier. Research has shown that travel is good for you. It takes you away from your usual routine, lets you disconnect, introduces you to new places and experiences and can help with creativity. If you’ve been feeling the need to mix up your routine, travel is a great way to do it.
  • Explore somewhere new. Maybe you’ve been to Kalispell or perhaps this is your first time visiting the lush Flathead Valley. No matter what, there are so many things to see and do. A few of note: taking a guided kayaking tour on Flathead Lake, trekking through the Swan Mountains with llamas, touring a historic home and learning about one of Montana’s founding families, hiking in Glacier National Park or taking a horseback trail ride through snow-covered mountains.

If you’d like to start planning your vacation to coincide with your business trip, we’re happy to help. You can order a free travel guide here, email [email protected] or call us at 406-758-2811.