With a childhood spent between Kalispell and California, Thomas brings a distinct perspective to Montana’s Flathead Valley. An artist and muralist, you’ll see his work throughout Kalispell, where his creative talents seamlessly complement Kalispell’s natural beauty.


Check out the pictographs out the south end of Flathead Lake called Painted Rocks which are only accessible by boat. 

Walk along the North Shore of Flathead Lake during winter. There is a bird sanctuary open part of the year and it’s a great place to collect driftwood.

“Kalispell is the perfect hub for exploring the Flathead and all that it has to offer”

Thomas Valencia

Tell us a little bit about you, how you came to Kalispell and what you love about it.

My family moved to Kalispell from Los Angeles when I was a kid and I grew up back and forth between Montana and California. I got into murals as a kid doing graffiti and I’m proud to have painted some walls in downtown Kalispell that added some color and engaged the community.

Tell us your three favorite things about our mountain town.

There are so many to choose from, but here are three of my favorites. 

  1. Kalispell is the perfect hub for exploring the Flathead and all that it has to offer.
  2. Summer is great for floating the river with friends, hiking trails, exploring the mountains and lakes, attending pow wows on reservations and visiting Glacier National Park. 
  3. Winter is great for snowboarding, skiing, cross-country skiing, ice skating, sledding, ice fishing and snowshoeing.
What is your insider tip for travelers looking to experience the best of Kalispell?

If you visit Kalispell, bring a camera, binoculars, a tent and sleeping bag, fishing pole, swimming gear and bear spray if you plan on camping.