Discovery Tips

  • In the summer, we sneak in time for a swim and ice cream with the kids after work. The beaches at Wayfarers' Park in Bigfork are great for kids. We love to swim there.
  • The trail systems at Lone Pine and Herron Park offer amazing access for hikers, bikers and horseback riding.


Tell us a little bit about how yourself and how you came to Kalispell.
I’m a Montana native but grew up in a small town on the east side of the mountains north of Bozeman. I ventured with my family to a lake on the west side of Glacier Park as a child on our summer vacations. So the hook was set early and I just loved this area, although I only got here once in a while.

Once I went to college, I started coming up here working Glacier Park during the summers. So I just had an affinity for it early and tried to come here as early and often as I could. And I’m still here. I’m married with three kids. My husband’s name is Ty and he’s very much involved with Glacier Park and working on historic boats. He’s been working there for a long time so has lots of legacy projects – and we get access to the park through him in lots of cool different ways. We have kids, 2, 6, and 8 and we live here in Kalispell. I own my own business and I work in the building construction industry now, but have worked in other places here in Kalispell in marketing and production.

What is your insider tip for travelers looking to experience the best of Kalispell?
I think Kalispell is a great base camp to go lots of directions because this valley is very diverse. If you’re here in the summer, there’s lots of ways to have a nice time on water whether it’s Flathead Lake, Swan Lake, any of these creeks and rivers, ponds, it doesn’t matter. There’s so much water here. Seek it out, ask a couple people where you can find a little private place on the water. It’s really special to Northwest Montana that we have this crazy watershed of different pockets of places to recreate. So my inside tip is keep looking because you don’t have to work that hard to get your private oasis near water in the summer.

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