If there’s one thing we love in northwest Montana, it’s our grown-right-here Flathead cherries. This fruit is something to look forward to each summer, as it’s grown along shoreline orchards around Flathead Lake.The mild lake-influenced climate, clear glacial-fed waters and fertile soil combine to produce this world-famous sweet cherry. Each spring, the cherry orchards are covered in light-colored blooms, while mid-summer brings about the annual Flathead cherry harvest. If you want to get your hands on this fresh fruit, you can find them at roadside stands, farmers markets, grocery stores and pick-your-own orchards around the lake from mid-July through mid-August. 

And if you miss the summer season? Well, you’re still in luck. Flathead cherries make their way into a variety of beverages and culinary offerings, including bourbon, brandy, beer, cocktails, glazes, BBQs sauces, croissants, cookies and juice served at a variety of local restaurants, and available for purchase in shops.