Murals in Montana

Kalispell's Must-See Street Art

While our unfiltered mountain town is known more for its outdoor offerings and natural landscapes than its cultural scene, we’re here to tell you that Kalispell has a few tricks up our sleeves. Our town by the lake has heaping helpings of arts and culture, which are complemented by vibrant murals that adorn Kalispell’s downtown. The locations of the murals vary, from a longtime café with more than 100 years of history in the valley to grain elevators that are a constant along Montana’s vast skylines. The murals are bold, colorful and diverse, with each telling an important story of Montana, the Flathead Valley and Kalispell. With murals, paintings, and our Beautify Kalispell Traffic Signal Box Project that are located both indoors and outdoors, taking a self-guided tour of Kalispell’s murals and arts is an ideal year-round activity and a great way to explore the various areas of downtown


Main & 4th Street South | Tessa Heck-George 

Located on the backside of the newest Bias Brewing location, this mural honors Jeanette Rankin, the first woman elected to U.S. Congress (she served in both 1916 and 1940). Rankin was a women’s rights advocate and the mural features one of Rankin’s most-loved quotes, “Go! Go! Go! It makes no difference where, just so you go! Go! Go!” 


Main & 2nd Street East | Norah and Peyton Hanson

A traffic signal box located in the heart of downtown Kalispell. Youngsters, Norah and Peyton have a tradition of "watercolor Wednesdays". They love spending time to find a reference from other artist and explore different water color techniques.


127 S. Main Street (Montana Modern Fine Art) | Tessa Heck-George

The newest addition to downtown Kalispell, this mural was commissioned to help deliver messages of hope and a reminder to help keep Montana safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. 


1st Ave. East & 2nd Street East (KM Building) | Jess Jackson 

This traffic signal box is a mix of 6 different Fredrich Hundertwasser paintings that were pieced together by Jackson; who had been a land surveyor that began to focus on art and began painting patterns that would look 'far away through' - like a mirror of glass window when she discovered Hundertwasser work.


1st Ave. East (Bias Brewing) | Adam and Alisha Shilling, Frank Finley and Marita GrowingThunder 

Vibrant and stunning, this mural adorns the courtyard wall at Bias Brewing (you need to go through Bias to their back outdoor courtyard). A collaboration between mural facilitators and artists, it honors missing and murdered indigenous women and girls and helps to raise awareness about the #MMIWG movement. 


Highway 2 & Main Street (Walgreens) | Tara Segger

This mosaic style piece was influenced by the Segger's favorite part of the summer "when the native wildflowers blanket the landscape to where it looks like waves of colors. I like to think about some of the bigger local fauna, like grizzly bears and how they too like the wildflowers and want to be among them". The native flowers on this traffic signal box include: Indian Paintbrush, Alpine Aster, Beargrass, Shooting Star, and Mountain Bluebell.


1st Ave. E & 5th Street (Devonshire Building) | Glenn Case 

Painted by a Washington artist, this mural (which was completed during summer 2020) brings Glacier National Park and Lake McDonald to Kalispell. A beautiful painting, it is in honor of building owner Mike Apgar’s great-great grandfather who homesteaded in Apgar inside Glacier National Park. 


202 2nd Ave. W. (Sykes) | Clark Heyler 

Located at Sykes Diner—a Kalispell staple for over 100 years—the 10-cent coffee cowboy was painted in honor of Sykes’ longtime and still-standing tradition of offering a cup of coffee for 10 cents. 


1st Avenue East & Center Street (Brannigan's Irish Pub | Alice Martin 

One of the more colorful modes of transportation seen trundling along Kalispell's unpaved streets in the early 1900's. Painted by a beloved local artist and educator.


1st Ave East & 4th Street East (The Yoga Room) | Heidi Marie Faessel 

A traffic signal box designed by Faessel who is inspired by her observations of our natural world and reference the forms and rhythm found in our living planet. This digital collage is composed of mash-up items from her sketchbook that were digitally layers from ink drawings, pressed leaves, cut paper flowers, watercolor flowers, and photography to celebrate the flora and fauna of the Flathead Valley.


Center Street & 5th Avenue West (Valley Linen) | Thomas Valencia 

One of the largest murals in town, this vibrant day-to-night scene stretches out for half a block and includes mountains, wildfire, the Northern Lights and a winding river, all of which are part of Montana’s tapestry. 


Rails to Trails (along Meridian) | Thomas Valencia 

Another recent addition to Kalispell by artist Valencia, this colorful mural showcases people doing cartwheels and was created to help enhance an area (which was previously tagged with graffiti) along a section of Rails to Trails that’s popular among bikers and walkers. 


1st Ave West & 4th Street West (True Water Fly Shop/Sherman Lodge) | Sophia George 

A spunky piece of art on a traffic signal box by Sophia George who works with paper and fabric arts who is always been a lover of lots of color. George states "I read an excerpt from one of Elena Ferrante’s novels, Those Who Leave and Those Who Stay, which says, “When you don’t know what you’ve made it means you’ve made something good.” This little pastel felt like that -- I didn’t know what I had made but I loved it. Is it a surface design? A piece on its own? Whatever it is, I know the best things come from play.." 


Additional outdoor murals can be found on the KALICO Art Center building (2nd Street East) and Brannigan’s Irish Pub (1st Ave. E & Center), while indoor murals are tucked into Norm’s Soda Fountain and Rocky Mountain Outfitters (both on Main Street) and Glacier Park International Airport



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