Pre-Event Requirements

  • The event must produce room nights at Kalispell hotels, with marketing targeted to attract visitors from outside a 100 mile radius of the city of Kalispell.
  • Event organizers must exclusively promote all Kalispell hotels and motels in any event promotions. A direct link to the lodging directory and/or event lodging packages on must be included on the event website and in travel-planning messaging to participants, vendors, staff and spectators.
  • The Discover Kalispell logo and website must be included in promotional materials.
  • Discover Kalispell must have the opportunity to display banners or other branding materials at the event.
  • Discover Kalispell must be listed as a key sponsor in all materials.

Application Process and Selection Criteria

  • It’s recommended to submit Grant Application a minimum of 6 months prior to actual event. Application must be complete and accurate.
  • The grant applicant or representative will attend a regularly scheduled monthly meeting of the Board of Directors to present information on the application and be available for any questions.
  • The application will be evaluated and scored by the Board of Directors. (See Below: Event Grant Application Scoring System)
  • Fully completed applications are usually reviewed by the Board of Directors within a two month period depending on time of submission and the Board of Directors meeting schedule.
  • Notice of award will be provided by Discover Kalispell following a vote by the Board of Directors.

Event Grant Application Scoring System

Anticipated Number of Room Nights Event Will Generate 20
Shoulder / Winter Season 15
New or Growing Event 15
Marketing Plan 10
Sustainable in Future Years 10
Lead-Time to Promote Event / Lodging 10
Marketing Opportunities for Discover Kalispell 5
Appeal to Kalispell Tourism 5
Economic Impact on Kalispell 5
Other Sponsorships 5
Total Points 100

Post-Event Requirements

  • A written post-event report. The report form will be be provided by Discover Kalispell.
  • A post-event presentation to the Discover Kalispell Board of Directors at a regularly scheduled meeting.
  • A written post-event report. Form will be provided by Discover Kalispell.

Disbursement of grant funds


75% of the grant funds will be disbursed within 15 days after receipt of an invoice submitted by event organizer. The remaining 25% will be disbursed on completion of the written post event report (as provided by Discover Kalispell). Report must be received no later than 30 days after the event.


no funds will be disbursed until pre-event requirements are met. 50% of the funds will be retained until completion of the written post-event report and the presentation to the board.