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Kalispell and Canada have a special bond.

First, we share one of the most beautiful regions on Earth — the Crown of the Continent. Second, we share a camaraderie that only comes from being neighbors. Truth is, there’s something very comfortable about having Canadian guests and about visiting Canadian communities ourselves. So, welcome neighbors!

If you’ve been to Kalispell, you’re probably pretty familiar with what there is to see and do, but if you haven’t visited our area, here’s a quick tour. There’s outdoors stuff — the kind you’re used to doing around home, like floating, boating, fishing, birding and hiking. There’s the recreational sports, including golf, hockey and skiing. And there’s the indoor pursuits such as shopping, shopping and, uhm, shopping.

Kalispell offers a great mix of unique downtown shops and large, American retailers. Lower labor costs in the United States mean a bigger selection of goods and services, which often mean lower prices compared to stores in Canada. Our retail, dining and lodging establishments make it easy to use Canadian credit and debit cards and often offer special deals during Canadian holidays. Plus, there’s no sales tax in Montana.

From big brands to boutiques to local crafts, you're sure to find your style in Kalispell.

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Border Crossings and Maps

Entering from Alberta into the northwest corner of Montana you will cross at either Del Bonita, Coutts/Sweetgrass or Carway then head around the east border of Glacier National Park down to Kalispell.  From British Columbia enter at Roosville, Hwy 93 S.  For up-to-date border crossing hours and services visit

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