Looking Ahead to 2021 and a Season of Renewal

Dec. 11, 2020
Over the last several months, the meetings and conventions industry has stared hardships and trials in the face, while pivoting and looking for ways to help the industry rebound. We’ve gone from massive trade shows and conventions to focusing on virtual ways to meet, as well as creatively planning smaller meetings and events where individual […]

How to Safely Meet in Kalispell

Nov. 10, 2020
While the meetings and conventions industry as we know it has changed, we know that sooner than later, we are all going to be together again. And while the last few months have seen thousands of cancelled conferences and events, smaller meetings and group are starting to meet again, with individual appointments and social distancing […]

Incorporating wellness into your Northwest Montana meeting

Aug. 14, 2020
Just as you may be trying to practice holistic approaches in your home and work life, taking a holistic wellness approach with your meeting or conference planning will have guests feeling more engaged and energized. In Northwest Montana just breathing the air can calm the soul and help attendees adopt an open frame of mind […]

Taking your meeting back to school in Kalispell, Montana

Aug. 07, 2020
When it comes to planning a meeting, you look for a space that’s inspiring, unique and provides everything you need to help your team learn, grow and leave energized. Inspiration is welcomed especially as we evolve with the new changes in the meeting industry and world. Here in Northwest Montana, we know there’s never an […]

Adding a local (Kalispell) touch to your meeting

Aug. 01, 2020
Around here, it’s easy to add a touch of warmth to your meetings with welcoming hospitality, cozy Montana lodging options, the passionate skills of the locals and the quality of the products and services they provide. When it comes to meetings in Kalispell, some of the easiest ways to make your event stand out is […]

Forming Meaningful Connections

July 23, 2020
When it comes to meetings and conventions, one of the most important aspects of your event is creating meaningful connections for attendees, from networking to continuing education. And with a backdrop like Montana’s Flathead Valley—including wide-open spaces and plenty of places to allow for breathing room—Kalispell is well-positioned to help provide connections safely. With numerous […]

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