Event Grant Information

Pre-Event Requirements

  • The event must produce room nights at Kalispell hotels, with marketing targeted to attract visitors from outside a 100 mile radius of the city of Kalispell.
  • Event organizers must exclusively promote all Kalispell hotels and motels in any event promotions. A direct link to the lodging directory and/or event lodging packages on discoverkalispell.com must be included on the event website and in travel-planning messaging to participants, vendors, staff and spectators.
  • The Discover Kalispell logo and website must be included in promotional materials.
  • Discover Kalispell must have the opportunity to display banners or other branding materials at the event.
  • Discover Kalispell must be listed as a key sponsor in all materials.

Application Process and Selection Criteria

  • It's recommended to submit Grant Application a minimum of 6 months prior to actual event. Application must be complete and accurate.
  • The grant applicant or representative will attend a regularly scheduled monthly meeting of the Board of Directors to present information on the application and be available for any questions.
  • The application will be evaluated and scored by the Board of Directors. (See Below: Event Grant Application Scoring System)
  • Fully completed applications are usually reviewed by the Board of Directors within a two month period depending on time of submission and the Board of Directors meeting schedule.
  • Notice of award will be provided by Discover Kalispell following a vote by the Board of Directors.


Anticipated Number of Room Nights Event Will Generate 20
Shoulder / Winter Season 15
New or Growing Event 15
Marketing Plan 10
Sustainable in Future Years 10
Lead-Time to Promote Event / Lodging 10
Marketing Opportunities for Discover Kalispell 5
Appeal to Kalispell Tourism 5
Economic Impact on Kalispell 5
Other Sponsorships 5
Total Points 100

Post-Event Requirements

Grants under $1,000

  • A written post-event report.  The report form will be be provided by Discover Kalispell.

Grants of $1,000 or more

  • A post-event presentation to the Discover Kalispell Board of Directors at a regularly scheduled meeting.
  • A written post-event report.  Form will be provided by Discover Kalispell.

Disbursement of Grant funds

Grants under $1,000:  75% of the grant funds will be disbursed within 15 days after receipt of an invoice submitted by event organizer. The remaining 25% will be disbursed on completion of the written post event report (as provided by Discover Kalispell). Report must be received no later than 30 days after the event.

Grants of $1,000 or more:  no funds will be disbursed until pre-event requirements are met. 50% of the funds will be retained until completion of the written post-event report and the presentation to the board.

To submit your grant application, enter your information on the form below:
Contact Marisa Mikonis with questions:

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