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Gabe and his family moved to Kalispell eight years ago from Bend, Oregon, and immediately they saw similarities between the two mountain towns. While Bend was at the end of its transformation into a buzzing tourist destination and craft beer paradise, Kalispell’s transformation was just beginning. Now eight years later, Gabe himself is part of that transformation, serving on the Kalispell Downtown Association’s board and joining the husband-and-wife ownership team of Adam and Amanda Robertson as Bias Brewing’s general manager months before its tap room opened in 2018. In less than a year, the brewery has become a key piece of what Mariman calls the “Beer-Muda Triangle” of Bias Brewing, SunRift Beer Co. and Kalispell Brewing Co., all in located downtown Kalispell.

Q: What did you like about Kalispell before you moved here and what have you seen in the eight years since you arrived?
A: There’s a lot of people moving to the area that are like us, they’re young families, they’re just starting out. When we got here we didn’t know anybody and now we have a group of friends, 20 or so couples, they’re all young, hard-working, and they’re starting their families. We really liked the fact that Kalispell was adding jobs and adding young, upwardly mobile people.

Q: Why did Bias choose to set up shop in downtown Kalispell and how has the brewery been a good community partner?
A: They chose Kalispell because they wanted to be in the heart of the Flathead Valley … Aside from renovating the building, fixing it up and opening the business, we donate all of our organic waste to an organic farmer. Our grain goes to a cattle rancher to feed his cattle. I joined the Kalispell Downtown Association so I could meet all the business owners and see all the projects that are going on downtown and be part of the change.

Q: Why should Kalispell be a stop on a craft beer enthusiast’s next excursion?
A: I think Kalispell’s a great place for craft beer tourism. We’ve got what some people are referring to as the Beer-Muda Triangle. We’ve got Kalispell Brewing (KBC), which is the mainstay, and then SunRift and Bias all within walking distance. We all offer a different niche and a different style. Bias offers a very unique arrangement of beers, most of our beers are experimental, we only have a couple of flagships. Right now we’ve got 14 beers on tap … We have a really wide range of products and it’s our mission to build community through craft beer and craft brewing.

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