Many Glacier


Sun Tours

Discovery Tips

  • Spend more than just one day in Glacier
  • Explore Many Glacier & Two Medicine Valley
  • Venture out further into Blackfeet Country


Early on in Ed DesRosier’s career he noticed a quest for cultural knowledge by visitors to Northwest Montana and the Blackfeet Indian Reservation, his home that parallels Glacier National Park. Ed had spent his summers during college working at the Museum of the Plains Indian in Browning and his free time in the backcountry. Having grown up in a family and community with a core cultural connection and respect for the land, Ed was motivated to share more of his knowledge with visitors and fill a vacancy in the Glacier National Park experience for interpretive native culture. In 1992 Ed established Sun Tours as a concessionaire in Glacier, land known to the Blackfeet as the Backbone of the World. Through Sun Tours and its shared perspective of the Blackfeet, visitors have the opportunity to learn about the park’s rich history, its flora and fauna and its significance to all people. With his wife, Toni, by his side, Ed manages a fleet of nine vehicles, and his tour operators, all of whom are members of the local Indian community, run tours from mid-May through September on both sides of the park. While Ed is at the helm of Sun Tours, he is still very much in the field, and some especially lucky visitors may get Ed as their guide.  Interpretive outings on Lower St. Mary Lake on Glacier’s east side are also available through Ed’s Sun Water Boat Tour program.

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