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  • Go for a hike at Lone Pine.


As a young professional who wanted to do something different in his career, coupled with a dream of becoming his own boss, Clint Ekern discovered a passion, hidden talent, and lucrative business venture all at once. What started as a weekend hobby taking videos at functions and events around town, became the career shift Clint was looking for. With a background in mortgage lending, Sky Vault first emerged as a media resource for local real estate agents to better highlight available properties via drone footage and high-quality interior walk-throughs. Clint decided not to focus just on shooting quality video but rather devoted the better part of every evening and weekend learning the post-production editing necessary to deliver top-quality final products to clients.

When the head of a local organization asked to partner on a project outside his experience level in late spring 2018, Clint’s go-getter personality and constant drive toward success led him to agree and begin the journey of developing one of the most recognizable media companies in the Flathead Valley.

Understanding that a path of success comes from patience and practice, Clint reached out to a variety of local organizations to partner on video projects that would test his skills and allow him to learn.

“I love developing personal relationships and think the tight-knit connections of the community in the Flathead is something really special,” said Ekern. “People were so accepting of working with me when I wanted to learn something new, and it’s been fun watching the quality of projects steadily increase.”

Over the past year, Sky Vault has provided footage for top events in the Flathead, including annual fundraisers, professional rodeos, weddings, and large-scale conferences as well as promotional videos for countless small businesses.

“By working with local business owners and organizations, I feel like I’m helping them take steps to grow and therefore grow this great community. They’re some of my favorite projects to work on,” said Clint.

Clint understands the risks of being a new business, but with dozens of new clients and a calendar of projects booked so far this year, he’s hopeful and excited for what is in store for the future of Sky Vault.

Clint spent most of his childhood in the Flathead Valley and has enjoyed watching Kalispell grow up over the last 30 years. After graduating from Montana State University in Bozeman, Clint came back to the Flathead to start his career and begin a family. As a young professional in the Flathead, he believes now is the greatest time to live in this area, crediting an unbeatable opportunity for work-life balance.

“I can be in the office, editing videos or conducting interviews, and then at one of the many lakes or on a hike within 20 minutes any direction. To be able to do what people go on vacations for, like hunting, skiing, or hiking, every single weekend while also running a business is a great opportunity.”

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